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November 22, 2017

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Computer Graphics

The vocational training curriculum, from which this program of study derives, is the responsibility of both the Ministère de l’Éducation, which develops programs and their teaching guides, and the educational institutions, which implement the programs and the evaluation process. Programs of study include compulsory objectives and suggestions for competency-related knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Programs of study provide teachers with a frame of reference for planning teaching activities. They define the scope of teaching strategies by identifying the broad educational orientations to be favoured and the objectives to be attained. By successfully completing a program, students acquire not only the entry-level competencies required by the workplace in order to practise a trade or occupation, but also learning that provides students with a certain degree of versatility.

The duration of the program is 1800 hours, which includes 1020 hours spent on the specific competencies required to practice the trade or occupation and 780 hours on general work-related competencies. The program of study is divided into 22 modules, which vary in length from 15 to 120 hours. The total hours allocated to the program include time devoted to teaching, evaluation of learning and enrichment or remedial activities.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Computer Graphics program, students must meet one of the following conditions:

• Persons holding a Secondary School Diploma or a recognized equivalent are not subject to any additional admission requirements.


• Persons who are at least 16 years of age on September 30 of the year in which their training is to begin must meet the following condition: they must have obtained Secondary IV credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.


• Persons who are at least 18 years of age must have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the general development test ENG 4103-1 and MTH 3053-2, or recognition of equivalent learning.


• Persons who have obtained Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister are required to pursue general education courses, concurrently with their vocational training, in order to obtain the Secondary IV credits they lack in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister.

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Course Outline

Course Name

Computer Graphics

Ministry (MEQ) Code: 5844
Number of Modules: 22
Duration (hours): 1800
Credits: 120

Certification of Studies

Diploma of Vocational Studies (D.V.S.)

Computer Graphics
Code Module Hours Credits
965011 Occupation and Training 15 1
965024 Managing a Computer Environment 60 4
965037 Vector Images 105 7
965046 Raster Images 90 6
965056 Requirements and Steps of the Graphic Communications Production Process 90 6
965066 Image Acquisition 90 6
965074 Colour Profile Management 60 4
965086 Composite Images for Standard Printing 90 6
965096 Composite Images for Visual Interfaces 90 6
965104 Tools for Proofreading English Texts 60 4
965116 Typographic Elements 90 6
965127 Simple Page Layouts for Print Documents 105 7
965137 Simple Page Layouts for Visual Interfaces 105 7
965146 Simple Page Layout Templates for Visual Interfaces 90 6
965156 Page Layout Templates for Print Documents 90 6
965164 Imposition and Finishing 60 4
965177 Complex Page Layouts for Print Documents 105 7
965184 Document Rasterization 60 4
965194 Preparing Documents for Digital Printing 60 4
965205 Preparing Documents for Standard Offset Printing 75 5
965216 Managing a Graphic Communications Microbusiness 90 6
965228 Workplace Integration 120 8

Program Fees

Day Fees
Description Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Total
Service Fee $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $200.00
Activity Fee $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $160.00
Sub-Total $90.00 $90.00 $90.00 $360.00
Day Total $360.00

NOTE: This program has 4 semesters, NOT 3.

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